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FIC: Podophilia

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Title: Podophilia
Author: silvernaofficer
They See Me Slashing: Orange/White
Rating: NC17!
Summary: Freddy and Larry mess around. No point. No purpose. Also Larry bottoms.
Author Notes: Another one posted to resdog_kink in which the prompter requested Tarantino's favorite fetish.


Warm water's running down from the shower head, slowly filling the bathroom with a sheer steam.

"My feet are killing me," Freddy complains as he steps into the tub.

"Well, that's what you get for mouthing off, short stop." Larry shrugs his broad shoulders. A game of baseball was his idea, after all, and to top it off the kid dared to doubt his batting average. He sent him running all over the field, hah.

"I didn't mouth off. All I said was put your money where your balls are, slugger," Freddy snorts.

Larry laughs. "Come on, kid. How bad is it?"

"Bad." Freddy sulks.

Oh hell, when the younger shorter man looks at him this way, dusky caramel green eyes under floppy hair, well Orange knows exactly what he's doing. Sigh. Larry switches the water from shower head to tub faucet. "Sit down, kid."

"Hm?" Freddy plays stupid even as he's already sinking down to settle in.

"You heard me," Larry shakes his head. He puts the stopper in too.

They sit in the tub facing each other, young lithe baseball chasing form opposite an older rock solid linebacker. Larry sets his legs outside of Freddy's, insteps lightly wedged between the tub walls and his freckled thighs. The old man beckons with an open palm. At first Freddy's not sure if this is really what Larry wants. It's not that he's self-conscious of his feet he's just never had them handled before, not even by the massage therapist students who practice on recruits at the academy. Also he doesn't do shit to maintain his toenails neatly. But Freddy knows how it feels to have tension kneaded away by those big hands of White's so he throws caution to the wind and raises a foot out of the water. Larry takes him by the ankle in a firm grip then rolls his knuckles along his arch.

"Oh," the younger man sounds. Yeah. It feels good. He sinks a little lower into the tub, one foot in Larry's hands and the other resting against his inner thigh.

"Have you changed your tune?" White asks in a playfully patronizing manner.

"Just keep doing that," Orange insists, not about to validate the other guy's (absolutely correct) call.

The old man rumbles with low laughter. The heel of his palm works over the ball of his foot now and from there his toes.

"Ooh..." Freddy moans softly, "just like that."

The pressure sends a soothing feeling up his leg. White bends his foot forward to hold it over the instep and rotate him at the ankle. Slow easy circles, clockwise then counter clockwise. The water's up to their chest level now where is where Larry shuts the faucet. All the better to hear the kid making those noises.

"Shit, you're really good at this," Freddy huffs, eyes sliding shut.

"I'm no foot fuckin' master but I know a thing or two," Larry replies, pleased with himself.

"Do the other one," Freddy insists.

Larry sort of rolls his eyes over Freddy's impatience but he obliges anyway. He starts the whole process all over with his other foot. First the arch, then the ball. When he starts working his toes he notices one of Orange's hands dip below the water's surface. They haven't thrown any soap into the bath yet so it's pretty clear to him; the kid's got his hand around his own cock. White doesn't say anything just yet, he wants to see that hand move in time with his fingers on his toes, to see the kid's red cockhead disappear and reappear from his foreskin.

"Are you masturbating," Larry asks, calm and casual.

"Uh....hngh," Freddy groans, eyes half-lidded. "Maybe."

"I'm just asking." God you look so good, baby. "Do you want to cum?"

Freddy's eyes open a little wider as if to say 'what the hell kind of question is that?'

Larry takes his expression for a 'yes, please' and threads his own fingers between his toes to bend them back. Slow and steady stretch.

"Oh man," Freddy gasps. His fist strokes a little faster, his eyes shut again. White pushing at his arch like he's going to open it up is his breaking point. Freddy ejaculates in the tub, cock in his hand, foot in Larry's.

White looks down at the picture perfect moment under the water and smiles. "What did I tell you, kid--"

"I wanna fuck."

Well, that was fast. Larry's brown eyes actually reflect some surprise. "Now?"

"No motherfucker, two weeks from now. Yes now." Freddy's cheeks are red.

"Okay okay, kid." Heh heh. Larry takes pleasure in his urgency.

They don't bother with towels when they get out of the tub, just drip drip drip towards the bed. White pushes Orange down to the sheets, big body crawling on top. He's pressing firm kisses to his light wet skin. Freddy drags his fingertips up and down Larry's broad sides. He pivots his hips up to grind against him, groin to groin. Larry reaches over to the nightstand for the lube. They don't even bother with keeping it in a drawer. Click. He uncaps the bottle.

"Let me," Freddy breathes.

Heh. Look at this kid, so desperate to fuck. How can Mr. White say no? He sits back to let Freddy up. He switches them so the old man's laying down on his back and Freddy's the one doing the crawling. He straddles Larry's belly, uncut dick already fully hard again. A short reach back tells Orange the other guy's pretty hard too. It feels so nice and thick in his hand, warm and swollen. Click again. Freddy squeezes the sticky wet lube into his hand and reaches between Larry's thighs, to his asshole.


Freddy smiles.


He presses two soaked fingers against White and gives him the look, bright hazel green behind a curtain of damp butterscotch.

Larry sort of huffs and says nothing, not submitting...just relenting. That's what he tells himself, that he's doing it for the kid and not because fuck he hasn't taken it up the ass in years what if he cums too soon fuck that's no way for his old man to be fuck fuck fuck.

"Relax, man." He pushes his fingers into White one by one. "I've fucked dozens of girls in the ass before." Actually just three.

"I should've known," White grunts, body adjusting to the feeling, "a born cocksucker."

"You like it that way."

Larry can't deny it but just because it's true doesn't mean he has to say it is. "I'm not a piece of pussy, kid."

You are now. "That's why I fuck you. You have a cock." My favorite one.

Freddy pulls his fingers out of Larry and shuffles back to take his position at his rear. Larry's hard firm thighs are spread over his knees and the old man's got a hand between them to jerk himself slow and steady. Hey whatever White needs to get through this, Orange will oblige. More lube goes on his own cock before he's pressing up at Larry's hole.

"Kid," he says, hand combing back through his graying brown hair. For a brief moment it seems like Larry might have second thoughts enough to call it off, but then he nods. "Put it in me."

It's hard for Freddy to remember the last time he was so happy to try something for the first time. Oh wait maybe it was when he bent over and spread his cheeks for Mr. White. Hey it's still the same feeling of underlying giddiness. Without another second to lose he leans his cock into the older man, just his cockhead first. Having taken it up the ass, a lot by now, Freddy knows the good sign when he sees Larry's hole tighten up and over the swell of his tip. Freddy pushes forward slowly and with every inch that disappears into Larry's ass the old man groans a little louder, deeper.

"Come on, baby," Orange pants, "almost there."

White rolls his head back against the bed, exposing his broad throat.

"There we go," he breathes, finally flush up against his man. "How bad is it?"

Larry just narrows his eyes for the smartass remark.

Heh heh heh. Freddy gives himself a mental pat on the back for that one as he kneads his palms into Larry's inner thighs. He starts fucking him in deep but short strokes at a slow pace.

Larry makes a sound that rumbles in his throat. Not pain, not resentment. Something else like he's gradually remembering how good it feels to be the ass held tight around the cock. And boy is it a nice cock. He thinks about the way the kid's foreskin rolls inside him, never enough to completely cover the tip of intense sensitivity he was born with because Larry's just that tight.

"I'm gonna fuck you harder now," Freddy announces.

"Shut the fuck up and do it," Larry moans.

Freddy smirks. He switches his grip from his thighs to the under sides of his knees, one in each hand, to fuck Larry at a rougher pace with longer strokes. Shit his legs are kind of heavy but goddamn does his thick body and creased face look so good taking it, beating off to it. "Jesus Christ," he puffs.

"Hardly, kid." Hah, get that, the old man's still got his wits about him. It's his only defense against keening like a teenager.

It's enough to make Freddy drop one leg and lean over to really lay into the guy, a rough no holds barred fucking, just the way Larry fucks him. He holds that leg for leverage, his other hand grips his wide shoulder.

"Fuck. Fuck." Larry groans. It's getting hard to jerk off and he can't help but reach up and place his hand over the nape of Freddy's neck, keeping him close. Those crow's feet at the corners of his eyes get a little deeper every time he shuts them, so Larry tries to keep his eyes open.

"Watch me. Watch me, man." Freddy insists in deep pants of breath. He dips out from under his heavy hand to sit up again and bends Larry's leg to bring his foot closer to his face. He'd bring it to Larry's ear if he could but the old man's just not as flexible as the kid. No loss though, he's still a fucking gorgeous lay. Anyway Freddy licks at Larry's toes as he bucks his hips forward again.

Holy shit. Larry swallows. It's like he can feel the kid's tongue on his foot charging straight down to meet with the electrifying throb on his prostate. He groans and motherfucking groans, back arched, both hands on his cock now until he unloads hot cum all over himself.

Perfect. Freddy doesn't slow down thrusting for a second. He hoods his mouth over the biggest toe and sucks on it like it's Larry's dick. Then he adds the second to suck and lick between them and suck some more. His moaning's muffled but obvious with regards to what they mean. The kid cums inside the old man, hard and heavy, breaking up his hips' rhythm and making him just gasp hot against White's foot. It's close enough to orgasming together.

"You're...crazy," Larry grunts, feeling full, seeing Freddy finally let his leg down and pull out without ceremony. Freddy collapses on top of him, on top of his cum too. What would I do without you, kid.

Huff. Puff. Freddy's trying to catch his breath. "You've got that...kind of heady...just fucked in the ass and filled with spunk look."

Larry snorts. "Keep running your mouth. We'll see how you do with a little footsie next time."

In public? The idea makes his cheeks glow and his eyes kind of gleam with excitement. "Want me to eat you out?"

Larry arches a brow, well aware of this role reversal at play. "Fine," he says, to Freddy's delight. He's already planning to make the kid cum again with just his arches.
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On October 12th, 2012 12:18 am (UTC), juuhachi_go commented:
Bottom!Larry is always a good idea XD. Good job!
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On October 12th, 2012 01:16 am (UTC), silvernaofficer replied:
I imagine his bottom to be a nice big one too 8) Thanks!
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